Why are there so many spiders in my house in the Fall?

October 28, 2020

The spiders you see peeking out from behind an old table or in the corners of your laundry room are not outdoor spiders coming in for the Winter. These are most likely house spiders and have been in our homes for a while.

Why do spiders appear in the Fall?

Spiders are more prevalent in the Fall because it is mating season. They have been hiding in your home, awaiting the time to search for that perfect mate. Your home provides a safe environment and ensures the female can lay her eggs before winter roars to life. The eggs will be safe indoors and hatch in the Spring. The females are the more giant spiders you see lurking in a web. They have very large abdomens making them easy to spot. The males are mobile in search of the female.

The authors at gardenthrive.com describe the spider life cycle clearly yet somewhat sadly:

The male orb weaver spiders wander the Earth searching for “Mrs. Right,” and those large webs make her easier to find. After the spiders mate, the male typically dies either naturally or is eaten by the female. Love hurts!! The female will then lay her clutches of eggs, spun in a protective sac, throughout Fall, with the last eggs coming before cold weather moves in. The baby spiders hatch during the Fall but remain inside of the egg sac where they are protected all Winter. Both the male and female spiders are usually dead before Winter.

During the warming of Spring, spiderlings emerge from the sac and build their own tiny webs near where they hatched. They then tend to lay low during the Summer months while they continue to feed on insects and grow. By the time Fall arrives, the spiders are big enough to venture out and start the mating process all over again.

Spider and pest removal services in Schenectady, NY

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Are you looking for ways to get rid of spiders?

The usual tips we offer to keep pests and nuisance wildlife out of your home do not apply here since these house spiders have been laying low inside your home for a while. The outdoor, cold-blooded spiders hunker down outside utilizing a type of body antifreeze. This helps them survive and slowly become less active to the point of being dormant.

We all know that spiders provide tremendous service in killing other household pests. We understand this; however, the sight of a spider sends us screaming. Popular websites sell ‘spider vacuum cleaners’ and special swatters, but most homeowners prefer to remove them via spider boards or treatments.

Yes, you should call a pest control company for spiders!

You are probably thinking, “Really? For spiders?” Yes. Maybe not for one or two rogue spiders looing in a basement window. But, if you find a significantly large number of indoor spiders, you may have an infestation that requires an inspection and treatment plan.

Our specialists will come to your home and perform a free inspection. They will review indoor and outdoor treatment options and discuss removal options.  Annual Service Agreements are a cost-effective method to prevent new infestations and improve the overall health of your home. A few general tips when dealing with spiders:

  1. Lighting draw spiders both inside and out. Nightlights in basements and garages will attract them. We suggest that you use yellow lights as an option.
  2. Remove all spider webs and be diligent in checking for new webs—dust and vacuum corners and under tables and chairs.
  3. Use a dehumidifier and be sure to ventilate areas and eliminate the moist environment these spiders love to live in.

It is not silly to call a pest control service for spiders. Halloween weekend is almost here, so don’t be creeped out by spiders. Call us at tel:1-518-374-0357 and rest easy.

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resources: https://www.gardenthrive.com/why-so-many-spiders-in-fall/

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