Where do ants go in the winter?

December 6, 2019

Most of the time, ant sightings are few and far between during the winter months. That being said, if an ant colony has been living and thriving somewhere inside your home, you may be witness to some ants and swarmers.

Ants love a warm and inviting home.

According to the website ants.com, Ants are cold-blooded, so they require warmth in the winter to stay alive. Your home is a fantastic shelter for this purpose. It’s temperate and provides all the food and moisture they’ll need to survive a few cold months. You may not realize you have an infestation, though, even if hundreds of ants have moved into your home. Instead, ants are likely to hide in your walls or floors. Some may stay hidden in your cabinets and only come out to search for food.

Ants come inside for warmth, but food sources such as the plants and grains they enjoy in spring and summer are also scarce in the winter. For this reason, they may venture into your personal space in search of food.

How do we find the colonies of ants in my home?

When we receive a call that a customer has found ants in their home, we will perform an onsite inspection at no charge. Our technicians will further look at the location of concern and properly identify the ant and their colony. Once identified, we inspect and search for the centralized location and treat to remove the ants.

Carpenter ants can cause damage and do thrive indoors in the cold months. We can repair destruction from carpenter ants depending on the degree of damage. With the rain, snow and wet weather in upstate New York, carpenter ants may be found in wet places inside your home. They love to drill through damp wood and their very skilled mandibles assist them in the process. Detection implies there is a nest somewhere inside the home or business.

carpenter ants damaging wood in the home

What can I do to prevent ants from living in my home?

Ants are probably the most common complaint we get as a pest control service. Ants in your kitchen and throughout your home does not mean your home is not clean. Ants are very industrious and diligently look for access to food. Keeping your home free from pests begins with some simple tips:

  • Sanitize and clean as you go. Wipe up spills, especially sticky spills!
  • Clean up dog/pet food bowls. Do not leave spilt food on the floor.
  • Check for crumbs or other discarded food near your toaster, under the fridge, or inside your pantry.
  • Take out the trash, clean out the garbage disposal and do not leave food-crusted dishes on or in the sink.
  • Check your kitchen windows, doors, and other outside access points for cracks or damage offering a clear entry point.

Let us help.

Small pest and mice sightings can turn into infestations before you know it. Contact us for a free inspection and let’s get things under control for you.

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