When do you need an attic cleanout?

December 11, 2021

An attic cleanout is seldom on the mind of most homeowners. Many are primarily concerned with their basements. Basements tend to be at the forefront of a homeowner’s mind fearing flooding, mold, and damage to stored items such as memorabilia and furnishing in finished basements and game rooms. Attics can be damaged in destructive ways by wildlife and nature’s wrath.

Nuisance wildlife adds a new dimension to damages caused by requiring an attic cleanout. These intuitive and industrious pests have used your insulation to create nests. In addition, they may have brought in the yard and tree debris to provide a warm home for themselves and their young. Unfortunately, the result of their activity left behind includes feces, droppings, urine, and other pathogens. These can be harmful to humans and pets. In addition, guano from bats and feces can be full of pathogens, possibly becoming airborne.

When do you need an attic cleanout?

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Often, you find you have a problem in your attic when it is too late. For example, you may see watermarks, mold on a bedroom ceiling, or hear critter sounds at night.  This may spark you to investigate your attic space, and upon such inspection, you uncover damage and unwanted wildlife.

What is an attic cleanout?

The attic of your home contains most of a structure’s insulation and is one of the most common places for animals such as squirrels, raccoons, bats, mice, etc., to nest. The animals/rodents may leave feces, urine, fleas, mites, ticks, and nests. Therefore, soiled insulation should be removed and replaced with new insulation and disinfected. Listed below is our scope of service.

Skilled and trained technicians will inspect the space after an infestation and recommend a clean-up and restoration if necessary.

  • Set up a negative air machine to vent contaminated air to the exterior to prevent contamination to the household.
  • Sanitize the area thoroughly
  • Remove damaged materials such as floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Reconstruct rooms, ceilings, railings
  • Restore damaged or deleted insulation
  • Inspect electrical line damage from mice chewing the wires
  • Remove and discard damaged/unwanted items
  • HEPA vacuum all debris and/or droppings

Quiet, dark, and undisturbed wildlife such as bats, squirrels, raccoons, mice, chipmunks, etc., will nest in the insulation and leave behind feces, urine, fleas, and mites. Once all targeted wildlife and rodents are eradicated, technicians will provide a detailed proposal to remove all soiled insulation, sanitize and disinfect, HEPA vacuuming all surfaces, and install new insulation of choice.

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How can I protect my home and family?

Creating a calendar of home inspections and annual or quarterly to-do items can save a homeowner time and money.

  • When you check your smoke detector batteries twice a year, add a simple walk around to the list. Look at your home carefully: the roof, the eaves, windows, and door trim checking for gaps or damages.
  • Now visit your attic. Yes, hop up into that crawl space, or ask us to do it, and let’s see what is going on up there. Check for droppings, displaced insulation, and of course, damp or wet areas.
  • Most importantly, keep your attic free of random debris and old items that can be used for nesting and harboring animals. Instead, a yard or garage sale and help get rid of old clothes, magazines, furniture, and bedding.

Pretty simple right? A little extra time and effort is very worthwhile and saves money

We can help with attic cleanouts and restoration projects.

Our trained technicians and construction team will work hand-in-hand to inspect your attic space and determine the best course of action.  Should restoration and construction services become necessary, we have that too! We offer construction and restoration services to return your property to a clean and safe environment from damages caused by pests, nuisance wildlife, mold, and water damage.

Contact us to schedule a free inspection.

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