What is there to know about flying squirrels?

December 5, 2018

Yes, there really is such a thing as a flying squirrel, although they actually glide and soar as opposed to fly. Thoughts of Rocky and Bullwinkle are filling your mind right now but flying squirrels are no laughing matter. The flying squirrel is a known carrier of fleas, mites, ticks many dangerous diseases, including rabies.

What is a flying squirrel?

The editors at Encyclopedia Britannica share some interesting information on flying squirrels,

Unlike other squirrels, flying squirrels are nocturnal. They den in tree cavities, grottoes or rock crevices on cliffs, and cave ledges. Some also build globular nests high in trees where branches join the trunk. Nests are made of leaves, shredded bark, mosses, or lichens. Most species seldom leave the trees, but North American flying squirrels (Glaucomys) regularly descend to the ground to forage and bury nuts. Depending upon the species, diets can include seeds, fruit, leaves, flower buds, nuts, fungi, lichens, pollen, ferns, tree sap, insects, spiders, other invertebrates, small birds, eggs, snakes, and smaller mammals.

From high in a tree, the squirrel leaps into the air and extends its limbs to stretch the membranes, transforming the body into a gliding platform that is controlled by manipulating the membranes and tail. The animal sails downward to an adjacent tree. Just before the glide ends, it pulls upward, landing deftly on all four feet. When not in use, the membranes are pulled close to the body. Read more

What can I do about flying squirrels?

At Accurate, we look at flying squirrels a bit differently. While we find many forms of wildlife and pests interesting, they are still damaging to your home, business, and health. While poisons do work, in some cases the squirrel may die later after ingesting the poison and remain inside an interior wall or attic crawl space. Traps can be effective as well but there are other alternatives.

Benjamin Franklin’s quote, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure certainly holds true in our business. In other words, a little bit of time and effort spent on prevention pays off in the long run. Exclusion systems solve a host of issues from rodents to flying squirrels. We know squirrels and their preferences for gaining entry into your home or business. We will keep your home or business well sealed and close up the small holes in your roof and walls where an entry is clearly available. It is much easier to prevent them from getting inside than dealing with them once they have made your home or business their new home.

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