What Do You Really Know About Cockroaches?

February 14, 2022

Cockroaches are arguably the most feared and revolting pest on the planet. Spiders may be tied for first place as well.  Cockroaches have a reputation as nasty and disease-spreading bugs. There are more than 4000 different cockroach species worldwide.

According to pestworld.org, The most common species is the German cockroach. Other cockroaches found in America include the brown-banded cockroachAmerican cockroach, and oriental cockroach. But what do you really know about cockroaches?  These fun facts may come as a surprise to you.

Four facts you may not know about cockroaches

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Cockroaches and scattered sugar on wooden table.

One. Cockroaches can indeed live without their heads.

Crazy as it seems, cockroaches do not breathe through their head. Instead, holes in each body segment allow them to survive without their head. They die because, without their head, they cannot eat or drink and die of thirst. Speaking of water, did you know they can hold their breath for up to half an hour?

Two. People can be allergic to cockroaches!

According to the National Pest Management Association: Cockroach allergy was first reported in 1943, when it was noted that certain patients developed skin rashes immediately after the insects crawled over their skin. Allergy skin tests were developed in 1959, which confirmed patients’ cockroach allergies. Subsequent studies have firmly established that cockroach allergens can act as a trigger for acute asthma attacks.

 The National Cooperative Inner-City Asthma Study (NCICAS) found that asthmatic children with both a positive skin prick test to cockroach allergen, and a high exposure to cockroach allergen in the bedroom were more likely to have wheezing, missed school days, nights without sleep, and unscheduled medical visits and hospitalizations for asthma. Approximately 23 percent to 60 percent of urban residents with asthma are sensitive to the cockroach allergens. However, the risk of asthma from cockroach allergen exposure and allergy is not limited to children. The study also found that cockroach allergy was associated with more severe asthma among elderly asthmatics in New York City.

 Cockroaches can also passively transport microbes on their body surfaces including pathogens that are potentially dangerous to humans. Cockroaches have been implicated in the spread 33 kinds of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella species, six parasitic worms and more than seven other types of human pathogens.

Three. Roches can be pretty large.

According to bobvila.com, The wonderfully named rhinoceros cockroach is the heaviest in the world, typically weighing more than one full ounce. It’s also one of the longest-living of all insects, with an average lifespan greater than ten years. The good news? Also known as the giant burrowing cockroach, this Australian species inhabit networks of tunnels underground and out of sight.

Four. Cockroaches are the Ferrari of bugs.

Cockroaches are nocturnal and love the dark.  When a human hits the light switch, they scatter with fantastic speed. Roaches are often said to be the fastest running pest globally and can run up to three miles per hour! That makes them difficult to catch and very proficient in spreading out in your home.

How do I prevent cockroaches from entering and surviving in my home?

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Do not give them easy access to your home.

Cockroaches are intelligent and very incented to get food and water. Therefore, do not make it easy for them to get into your home:

  • Make sure windows and doors are snugly fit and close properly.
  • Look for entry points where appliances plugin.
  • Use caulk to fill any gaps around the bathtub and sink.
  • Check drains and disposals for evidence of roaches.
  • Eliminate water sources- fix any leaky pipes.
  • Eliminate yard debris and keep firewood outside and far away from the home.

Keep your house clean, and we mean really clean.

  • Remove dirty dishes in the sink. Clean or put into the dishwasher.
  • Do not leave plates with food on them too long on the counter.
  • Eating in multiple rooms in the house spreads food debris and offers more opportunities for roaches to spread into other home areas.
  • Do not leave open packages of food in dark cabinets and pantries.
  • Take out the trash!

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

We tend to think that pest control is something we can do ourselves. This is definitely not one of the times you should attempt this yourself. It’s what you cannot see that hurts you. There is rarely one roach, and if you find dead roaches, that could mean there are so many that the food sources are limited, and they are dying!

Our technicians are trained to locate the source and not just treat what the eye can see. We want to stop the infestation and keep your home or business cockroach-free.

Contact us for a free inspection, and we will prepare a plan of action for removal and treatment so cockroaches will move once and for all!

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