What are the damages caused by standing ground water?

January 21, 2020

Is standing ground water inviting occasional invaders to seek shelter?

The sun comes out after a weekend of snow and rain. The snow begins to melt, and you see large areas of standing water in your yard. You may not give that much thought, but mosquitoes certainly do! They lay their eggs or larvae and wait for that same sun to warm up the ground in the Spring and release those mosquitoes into your yard and outdoor living area.

Have you left your gutters slightly neglected?

If so, you may have created an environment for bugs, mice, and birds to create a home. To take this one step further, if your gutters are blocked and the water cannot freely run off your roof and away from your home, standing water is collected. Here mosquitoes, ants, and other flying insects lay eggs to breed. Once again, when the weather warms up, you could be facing an infestation. In addition, these pests look for cracks and breaks in the siding, windows, and soffits to gain entry into your home, attic, and walls.

Let’s take it indoors for a moment.

Standing water inside the home is not good.

  • Drain flies are harmless yet annoying. Drain flies infest and lay their eggs in moist areas and standing water. Clogged or slow draining drains are a favorite breeding ground. It does not mean your home is unclean.
  • Wet basements from standing outdoor water can become a refuge inside the home for termites and carpenter ants.

What can you do as a homeowner to eliminate winter pests?

Keeping your home safe from pests and nuisance wildlife is a year round event. We all think that when the weather gets cold, everything is killed off by the freeze. Not so much. When sudden warm temperatures are mixed into these winter months, the warm temperatures awakened pests that have been dormant inside and outside of our homes and businesses.

  1. Be vigilant. See that standing water in the yard? Follow the trail. Is it running towards or away from your home?
  2. Get rid of any sources of standing water around your home. This could include blocked gutters. Yard waste and landscaping should be cleared. It can block a path water may need to reach a storm drain or outlet.

Once you have run the gamut and examined your home and property, it is time to call a pest control company.

I need help with insects and pests!

At this time of year, we experience a sharp rise in calls for help with ground dwelling pests including beetles and ants. The presence of these pests can attract voles. While voles are not specifically dangerous to humans, they can cause a great deal of damage to your greenery, bulbs, and consume the seeds dropped by the bird feeder perched precariously near your home. They do not hibernate and are always active. Their feces and urine can cause disease and illness such as rabies, Hantavirus, and Korean hemorrhagic fever.

Treatment solutions for these standing water problems.

Some methods utilized to treat and eliminate ground water pests:

  • Interior sprays.
  • Installation of monitors or glue boards used to lure insects and catch them.
  • Exterior bait traps for nuisance wildlife looking to escape the cold wet outdoors in search of warmth in your home.
  • Bait and trap voles.

Prevention works best. Work with us to help keep you home safe and pest free. Our inspections are performed at no cost to you. It is always best to consult a professional. Weekly and monthly service plans are available for pest and wildlife maintenance control.

Contact us for a free inspection and keep your family and home safe and healthy.


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