Unwanted masked visitors?

January 2, 2019

When someone thinks of a raccoon, they think of a summer night and the noise of a garbage can tipping over. Upon investigation, they see the illuminated eyes of a raccoon, or two.

But it is winter now.

Raccoons have come indoors, maybe even weeks ago and settled into your attic or crawl space.  Here they entered via openings where sections of the roof meet and structural damage or poor construction provide a welcoming swinging door to a warm home. For many of our commercial clients, the raccoons have come and gone through ventilation systems and rooftop air conditioners.

Now what?

Once inside, they use our home or commercial space as an home base, eating ground and waste latrine, weakening ceiling tiles and dry wall with urine, water, and mold. The result? Raccoons falling into human living and working space. The internet is full of videos of falling raccoons onto unsuspecting sleeping humans, working conference room meetings, and retail establishments. While this may seem funny and entertaining, raccoons carry rabies and roundworm that can affect your neurological system and in rare cases cause death. A cornered raccoon can attack although experts say they are highly intelligent and often times remain subdued awaiting capture and release.

How do I protect my home and business?

Now is the time to schedule a home or business evaluation and inspection to determine where raccoons, as well as other nuisance wildlife, are gaining access into your home or business. Our team is highly trained in looking for both current squatters as well of signs of past pest and wildlife visitors. The inspection is free and is well worth the time to insure that your home or business is safe and healthy for your family and employees or patrons.

Contact us and begin the new year in a healthy and safe way!

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