Tree branches provide easy access for pests and wildlife

October 7, 2020

Homeowners are spending more weekend hours working on their homes. We begin to hunker down and put away our summer furniture and stake our driveways for the snowplow in the fall.

Nature is also looking to prepare for the winter months. Be watchful for these changes, including small wildlife such as squirrels and chipmunks. If you see an abundance of squirrels on your roof, you need to take heed.

Squirrels and pests on the roof?

New York is home to gray squirrels. Gray squirrels actively gather and bury food for the winter. They are incredibly proficient in climbing and use whatever means available to get to a place of safety and shelter.

Overhanging trees that drape onto your roof are a welcome sight to squirrels and other pests such as carpenter ants, stink bugs, cluster flies, and ladybugs. Tree branches, overgrown bushes, and plants serve as a ladder to these pests and nuisance wildlife. Once on your roof, they have a bird’s eye view and access to your eaves, soffits, windows, and screens. They do not need a lot of space to wiggle indoors.

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Health concerns with squirrels in your home

Pests and nuisance wildlife do not belong in your home. This time of year, squirrels are looking for a winter home and a place to store food. Like chipmunks, bats, raccoons, and some birds, attics are a great winter get-a-way.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac,

The most common problem associated with gray squirrels is their ability to take up residence in people’s homes. They associate holes in eaves, soffits, and roofs with a tree cavity, their natural nests, and move right in. Once inside, they consider it theirs, and they can be very difficult to get rid of.

Gray squirrels will tear up insulation in an attic and use it to make a nest. They will also chew through electrical lines. If gray squirrels are in your dwelling or building, it’s usually because of an existing problem, such as a small hole in a soffit or eave. One could also have a rotted louver that enables them to chew through to gain access to your attic. Scratching, gnawing, and pitter-patter sounds are a sure clue that you have a squirrel problem.

Nuisance wildlife leaves rotting food, urine, and waste. Often, their deceased young who cannot fend for themselves without a parent returning with food, begin to decay and become food for other pests.

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Remove overhanging tree limbs

Trees enhance your property values and provide shade for outdoor summer entertaining. However, these same shade trees create a host of problems. Trim all trees and bushes or landscapes that provide access to pests and wildlife.

  • Excessive shade can create mold and damage your roofing. Weakened shingles provide an opening for termites, ants, and other pests.
  • As mentioned, overgrown limbs provide easy access for wildlife and pests.
  • The trail of pests can affect your trees’ health, presenting a risk that the tree may fall or weakened limbs to break.

How can a pest control company help with overgrown trees?

Very simple: maintenance and care. Just like you take your car in for an oil change, or visit the dentist every six months for a cleaning, your home needs preventative care. Accurate Pest Control provides free estimates, including tree trimming and simple landscaping trimming services. Our annual maintenance agreements offer specific treatments and programs for pests and nuisance wildlife and may encompass tree trimming services.

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Noises in the attic?

Are you hearing noises in your attic, walls, and ceiling? We can help. Call us today at 518-374-0357 and speak to a service representative 24/7.

Yes, you will speak with a member of our team, not an answering service.  Sleep better tonight, and welcome the cold fall nights!

Resources: Farmer’s Almanac

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