The value of pest control maintenance agreements

July 14, 2020

There is something comforting about knowing you and your family are protected when enjoying time in or around your home. Most people would agree that a pest-free environment is preferable, especially if any allergies exist such as a bee allergy. The value of pest control maintenance agreements is in that comfort and knowledge. Let’s explain a little more.

Do you really need a pest control maintenance agreement?

We take our commitment to keeping homes and families safe very seriously. The challenge is two-fold: uncovering the source of the infestation and treating it safely and effectively. When customers ask us if they need the maintenance plans, we ask these questions:

  • Do you hear nightly scratching noises coming from your bedroom ceiling?
  • Are you bombarded with bees and wasps while grilling on your deck?
  • Have you seen just one too many of those little black or brown ants on your kitchen counter or near the baseboards?

The difference from annoyance to danger is very slight. Mice, bees, ants, termites, and cockroaches- these can all cause structural damage and, in some cases, pose a serious health concern.

Termites and damages from termites

How does a maintenance agreement work?

When we receive a call from a customer about recurring incidents with pests, we inspect first and then create a customized program targeting any current pest issues the homeowner may be having.

  • Should damage from these pests and wildlife be present, we will assess the situation and provide a quotation for cleanup and, if necessary, sanitation services.
  • Emergency calls would be additional if required after hours or weekends.

We do interior and exterior agreements during summer. Winter is interior but if a customer has bait stations outside, we will service those during the winter as well.

Typically, commercial pest control maintenance agreements are monthly, and residential is bi-monthly, but we offer customized frequencies and can modify per customer depending on the needs. This specific agreement covers all crawling and flying insects as well as rodents (mice, rats), stored product pests, and roaches.

Maintenance and service contract

How is seasonal coverage different from maintenance agreements?

Seasonal coverage will be customized per customer based on issues such as coverage for ants, or bees, or flies etc. This runs May-September and we come out every other month to do exterior sprays. Interior is done as needed and they are warrantied in-between services for the covered pest. Emergency calls that are after hours or weekends would be additional. Seasonal coverage protects you until December 31st of the year signed. Once October comes around, exterior treatments are done on an as-needed basis.

What can I do to mitigate the risks of significant pest and nuisance wildlife problems?

While some things are beyond the homeowner’s control, steps may be taken to mitigate the risk of infestation. Keeping areas clean both inside and outside of your home make it uninviting for pests and nuisance wildlife to nest and make themselves at home. Food supplies keep these pests close and yard debris and open garage doors are welcoming places to nest.

  • Spiders. We recommend keeping the lights off outside or using yellow bug lights at night because the lights draw insects to them, and the insects draw the spiders to them. Consistent removal of spider webs is the most effective. Vacuum and dust regularly keeping notice for returning or new webs.
  • Keep your kitchen free from pests. Sanitize and clean as you go. Wipe up spills, especially sticky spills! Clean up dog/pet food bowls. Do not leave spilled food on the floor. Check for leaky faucets or pipes under the sink and get them repaired.
  • Mice can cause significant damage. Keep your food preparation areas clean and crumb/debris free. Avoid eating in multiple areas of your home. Check doors and windows for gaps and easy access.
  • Yellowjackets Avoid attracting yellowjackets by keeping food covered, closing all garbage cans and waste areas. They are looking for food sources and can include pet food bowls left outside. They absolutely love sugary drinks and will go into soda cans so be careful when leaving cans outside unmonitored.

We could go on and on with this subject but take it from us, in most cases, simple preventative acts make a difference.

Yard waste debris harbors nesting and nuisance wildlife.

Please do not attempt to deal with pests and nuisance wildlife on your own.

It is not what you can see that is causing the trouble. Industrious pests like ants, meal moths, and cockroaches can go undetected but yet are still infesting and infecting your food, and family.

Rodents, pests, and nuisance wildlife can enter your home through the largest or smallest of openings. Let our technicians inspect your home or business and keep your structure healthy and free from pests and nuisance wildlife. Contact us for a free and thorough inspection and learn more about Pest control maintenance agreements.



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