The notorious gray squirrel.

November 28, 2018

As the seasons change and the temperatures drop, small animals such as the gray squirrel become a little more ambitious and industrious in their hunt for a warm place to live, eat, and have their young.

Here are some interesting facts about the gray squirrel:

  • Their scientific name is Sciurus carolinensis, they are members of the family Sciuridae. Their life span is about 6 years.
  • They are voracious hunters and spend a great deal of time looking for and hiding food. Interestingly enough, they often times forget when they put it!
  • Fun Fact from Wikipedia: The eastern gray squirrel is one of very few mammalian species that can descend a tree head-first. It does this by turning its feet, so the claws of its hind paws are backward-pointing and can grip the tree bark.
  • Because they live among us, squirrels do not fear us.
  • It is extremely difficult to capture a gray squirrel as they are their quick, agile, and adept at jumping.

Now while you are smiling as you read these fun facts, squirrels may be on the roof of your home or in your business basement or warehouse causing damage. (Do you hear the acorns rolling on your roof?) Squirrels are extremely capable in taking up permanent residency. In the act of creating their nests, they often chew through wood, dry wall, insulation, wiring, and other building materials. In the process they leave behind, urine, feces, and disease.

Simple preventative measures can be had to insure these little gray squirrels do not enter your home or business. Exclusion systems installed by a pest control professional can build and create barriers to common places of entry for these squirrels. Capture or extermination alone is not sufficient in all cases as the port of entry still remains.

Contact us for a free home inspection and let us show you how to keep your home or business free from nuisance wildlife and small animals.

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