The Importance of Proper Basement Cleanouts

December 2, 2021

Basement cleanouts can occur for a multitude of reasons.  We are a pest control company with restoration services as a key component of a proper cleanout.  Damages from natural disasters such as storms and flooding, and fire can create a safe harbor for pests and nuisance wildlife to move in. It also creates damage to flooring, drywall, insulation, and materials that require restoration services in order to return the basement to a usable and safe environment for your family.

What is a basement cleanout, and how do you do it?

Basement cleanout Schenectady NY

Our basement cleanout service can be for any problem or damages, such as mold, rodent/wildlife infestation, and clutter. Clutter creates a desired home and environment for pests, mice, and mold.

After evaluating the situation and the root cause of the problem, we:

  • Remove and discard damaged/unwanted items
  • Hepa vac all debris or droppings
  • Sanitize the area thoroughly
  • Remove damaged materials such as floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Reconstruct rooms, ceilings, railings
  • Build and install sump pump covers
  • Clean out a French drain
  • Install weep holes

 Damage caused by mold

basement mold remediation near me

Many people dismiss a small amount of mold and clean it using a household solution.  In some cases, it is “what meets the eye.” In other cases, mold on the surface in a basement may be the tip of what is hidden behind a finished basement’s drywall or drop ceiling. Cleaning up the mold is only half the battle. First, you need to find the root cause of the moisture issue and access. Mold grows inside the material instead of just on the surface, so you can’t remove it altogether.

Mold exists in homes and businesses even when the owners are diligent about prevention. We live in the Northeast. The change of seasons is one of the reasons we love living and working here. Weather plays a significant role in pest control. Damp and wet weather, flooding, snowfall melting through leaky roofs, and structural damage from pests and nuisance wildlife create the ideal incubator for mold growth.

Contact us if you find any amount of mold. Catching it early makes the remediation and cleanup process quicker, amounting to much less damage.

Basement cleanout after you purchase a home

We recently had a long-time customer purchase an older home. Once she moved in, she called us to inspect the basement, attic, and outdoor shed. The basement was in good shape with some signs of mice and basic pests such as spiders. We transferred her annual contract from her previous home to the new home to maintain the house for pest control and nuisance wildlife services, especially in her shed.

Not all customers are that lucky. The best way to ensure your new home’s basement is clean, safe, and pest and mold-free is to inspect it before moving in boxes and furniture. Unfortunately, the previous owner may not have been aware of any issues, and in some cases, never went in the basement for longer than a load of laundry!

We often receive calls about areas or basement rooms with old newspapers, boxes, paint cans, and random containers. The homeowner witnessed chewed papers and boxes and frayed wires! Frayed wires are fire hazards and can be a sign of wildlife perhaps greater than a mouse. Most wildlife can enter your home through a space smaller than you can imagine.

Cleanout and sanitize the basement

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Once the basement has been inspected, and a plan of action is in place, the cleanout begins. However, an essential step is actually beyond the cleanout.  The space’s thorough cleaning and sanitization are critical to present the area safe for your family and pets to enjoy. Contamination from feces, droppings, urine, and mold must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Once complete, we will inspect the interior and exterior for entry points.

  • Cracks along the foundation
  • Any openings near exposed dirt, especially crawlspaces
  • Holes or gaps a half-inch or larger
  • Openings around pipes and utility lines
  • Open furnace or dryer vents

Need help assessing the “health” of your basement?

The technicians at Accurate Pest Control work in teams, each member trained in the various aspects of the inspection and cleanout process. Our technicians ensure that when we leave your home, your family is enjoying a safe and healthy basement living space from removal to repair.

Contact us for a free estimate or service in:

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resource- EPA guide to Mold

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