The effect of weather on ants and other pests

June 14, 2021

The effect of weather, specifically heavy rainfall or drought will drive ants from their home in search of a better, food-rich environment. Because ants and other pests live close to our homes, the utopia environment is often your home.

Do ants come out more when it rains?

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Yes. Excessive rain washes away the ant’s ability to find food. Once the water levels reach a certain threshold, the soil housing the ant colony is flooded. Now the ants are forced to leave their home. The excessive water or even flooding triggers the ants to search for dry ground and relocate the colony. They do not seem too disturbed by this arguably significant community relocation, but the need for food and some water is all the incentive they need.

Then why are ants in my house when it is very dry?

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Do you know the old saying, too much of a good thing? Well, too dry is not suitable for ants either. Ants need a certain degree of moisture, and extreme drought is not good. Dry weather affects the ant’s food supply and need for water driving them into your home.

Rain and moisture attract many unwanted pests

Most of our customers would probably believe that bugs and pests exist in their homes because of food availability, such as leaving open food containers, crumbs on the counter, or kids eating snacks in their bedrooms. Water is an excellent motivator for pests and bugs, and many can survive longer without food than water

Here are some of the pests and bugs that are significantly motivated to locate a moisture source in and around your home to live and breed:

Moisture also damages wood and softens paper and drywall, producing an entryway and refuge for destructive bugs and pests.

Treatments are affected by the weather

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Excessive weather in any way brings about increases in pest and wildlife activity and impacts our ability to service our clients and keep their homes or businesses pest-free.

  • Wind. Since many treatments are applied to the entire exterior of your home, excessive winds will most likely cause the treatments to be blown away from the house, making it challenging to adhere to the house.
  • Rain. Rain will dilute treatment and provide a less effective, long-term solution to your pest problems.
  • Temperature. Lower cold temperatures can delay specific exterior treatments or the movement of wildlife.

Can I prevent ants from getting into my home?

To a certain degree, yes. Homeowners can take steps to keep ants from entering their homes or at least make it harder to do so. Keeping your home free from pests begins with some simple tips:

  • Check your kitchen windows, doors, and other outside access points for cracks or damage, offering a clear entry point.
  • Sanitize and clean as you go. Wipe up spills, especially sticky spills!
  • Clean up dog/pet food bowls. Do not leave spilled food on the floor.
  • Check for crumbs or other discarded food near your toaster, under the fridge, or inside your pantry.
  • Take out the trash, clean out the garbage disposal, and not leave food-crusted dishes on or in the sink.

How do I get rid of ants in my house?

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Contact us to schedule an inspection. One of our trained technicians will inspect your property inside and outside to uncover their nest(s) and entry points. The nest can be removed or treated. Once the ants have been removed, the damp places, damaged wood, and other losses caused by the colony are replaced, and a dry environment is in place.

Should structural damages or the presence of mold need to be removed, repaired, or replaced, our reconstruction team can rebuild areas caused by damage from ants. A quote is provided at the time of eradication.

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