The birds: Woodpeckers, Sparrows, and Pigeons.

March 26, 2019

Its springtime and we can hear the birds outside of our offices early in the morning. That sound inspires hope that warm weather will soon be here. But what about birds that can be damaging? Below we will discuss a few of these birds along with some tips and suggestions for controlling and removing damaging birds.

Woodpeckers- friend or foe?

Woodpeckers love bugs! They have sharp bills and a somewhat barbed tongue perfect for drilling inside wood such as trees or possibly your home. Woodpeckers mainly feed on wood-drilling insects, and grubs, as well as ants, wasps, and bees found on trees. They also consume sap, nuts, seeds, and the fruits of some trees and shrubs when insects are not accessible.

Woodpeckers need trees for shelter and food so you will find or hear them in the woods around homes and in the forests. Most are year-round residents. Woodpeckers peck cavities in trees, wooden structures, and even utility poles for nest and roost sites.

But why my house?

  • These majestic birds drill into homes to hear the sound of their drumming marking their territory
  • Nesting season is now, April/May so if you hear that noise, call us because you need to remove the birds and the beginnings of the nest before it is completed.
  • Often times homes have bugs and they love to feed on larvae of carpenter bees, worms, and other bugs on or around you home.

What can you do about Sparrows?

House sparrows, really? You’re telling me these cute little birds that I see all over my yard can be damaging and invasive. Yes, we are!

Sparrows are very entrepreneurial and industrial in nature. They find their way into attics and muscle their way into food sources and backyard feeders. They live and breed amongst us and they early morning songs are a clear indicator that you have sparrows.

  • Sparrows nest in or around buildings they pack a tight nest and look for areas around your home such as dryer vents, gutters and chimneys and fan vents. These nests can block airflow causing a fire hazard.
  • Their urine contains uric acid that can eat away at siding and the beautiful finish of your cars in the driveway.
  • They carry multiple pathogens, diseases, and parasites.


When you hear the word pigeon you conjure up images of bold and sassy birds that plague city sidewalks with no regard for human foot traffic. Pigeons are perceived a dirty and scavengers for human food.

Health risks associate with pigeons are often respiratory in nature:

  • Histoplasmosis- A respiratory disease that can be deadly and originates from a fungus growing in dried bird droppings.
  • Salmonellosis- Usually occurs as food poisoning and can be traced to pigeons, and sparrows and some rodents. The disease bacteria are found in bird droppings.
  • Candidiasis is a yeast or fungus infection spread by pigeons.
  • Cryptococcosis – Caused by yeast found in the intestinal tract of pigeons and starlings initially as a pulmonary disease.

Did we scare you?

We really are sorry, but it needed to be said. Not all birds are great to view as they eat from your bird feeder. Woodpeckers, sparrows, and pigeons can be aggressive, damaging, and carriers of disease and illness.

Notice bird infestation or the beginning of one? Call us ASAP. It could be a sign of a new nest or the expansion of an existing nest or two. Here is what we can do to bird-proof and deter birds from damaging your home or business:

  • Protective netting keeps birds out and eliminates options for them to nest.
  • Strategically placed spikes on roosting areas, perches or roofing deters these birds from landing and nesting.
  • Removal of nests, disinfect the area for bird mites and disease
  • Barrier solutions may include sound deterrents in areas where bird infestation is great.
  • Visual deterrents such as plastic owls, shiny, hanging displays that reflect and frighten these birds.
  • Protect your home or business with AccuShield. The experts at Accurate Pest Control will evaluate the structure and locate areas where pests and nuisance wildlife can gain entry. A complete evaluation is performed and reviewed with the home owner or business owner and a course of action is determined.

Let us help you.

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