The 5 most common household pests.

October 17, 2019

Established in 2004, Accurate Pest Control is a fully licensed and insured family owned and operated business. We have been in 1000’s of homes and businesses and have come up with our list of the 5 most common household pests.

Carpenter ants

Topping off our list are carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are destructive and dangerous to your home or commercial structures. They got their name because they build tunnels by drilling through the wood creating a place for their nests. Often times, people see these ants outside, or even inside their homes or businesses and think they’re just ants.

With the rain, snow and wet weather in upstate New York, carpenter ants may be found in wet places inside your home. They love to drill through damp wood and their very skilled mandibles assist them in the process. Detection implies there is a nest somewhere inside the home or business.

Carpenter ants destruction on wood

Bees and wasps

Yellowjackets, wasps, hornets, and honeybees! When you see a bee, you flinch, maybe even run around, and swat them. Bee stings are no joke, but bee infestation is also no joke. Destructive bees come in the form of carpenter bees and mortar bees or often called the mason bees. (yes, they do indeed drill into the mortar). The damage that can occur to your home and other wooded structures can be costly.

Despite being a pest control service, we advocate to preserve the pollinators such as honeybees or bumblebees. Contact us for a free inspection and together we can find a solution to protect both you and your family as well as the bees.

honey bee


Mice will cause serious structural damage to home and business. They breed quickly and these large amounts of mice gnawing on wood, insulation and electrical wires pose a serious threat. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention lists the many health threats that can occur through the spread of bacteria and harmful diseases including Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.


Termites have been chewing through wood and structures made from wood for literally millions of years. There is no telling the amount of property damage they have caused over the centuries. They are extremely tenacious and can remain, unseen, even after you think they are gone.

The damage to a structure can be significant and often times thousands of dollars. Once we inspect your home, determine a course of action, and eradicate the termites, we can collaborate with you on structural repair.



We are very busy this time of year with service calls to remove bats. The thought of a bat in your home is frightening. It conjures up thoughts of fast flying and swooping animals getting caught in your hair or biting you. Not so. Bats are voracious feeders- they love bugs! There are benefits to having bats around your home, but not in it.

Please do not attempt to capture bats or treat them in any way. Not only do we eradicate unwanted bats from your structure in a humane way, we will perform emergency live bat removals, drop off captured bats to labs to be evaluated for rabies, clean up any damage or destruction left behind, and disinfect bat guano.

Bats flying in and around your house.

Close up of Nocturnal Pipistrelle bat (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) flying in urban setting on attic of church in darkness at night

What about spiders, bed bugs, fleas, and ticks?

We treat these too and depending on the season can keep us quite busy. If you are unsure you have a full blown infestation or just a random bug or two, call us. It’s ok. We can come out and take a look and either way you can sleep better tonight.

A large spider with babies clinging to its back.

Protect your home or business with AccuShield.

We don’t just temporarily fix the problem. A complete clean up can be performed including external structural damage to soffits, gutters, siding, roofing as well as interior damage to the insulation and dry wall. We can repair and treat damage from nuisance wildlife and pests.

If you have any comments or thoughts about this list of pests, email us at Have we treated your home or business and you are happy with the results? Great! Give us a Google review.

Have a safe and healthy fall!

The Team at Accurate Pest Control.

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