Termite Swarmers- When does the season start?

March 7, 2019

Here in Upstate New York, we still see snow and ice all around our homes and businesses. Ahh, but the subterranean areas of your home or business may be very warm and alive with termites.

What is a termite swarm and when is swarming season?

In our previous blog, Don’t dismiss Termites, we spoke of the dangers to your home or business structures from termites. They are tiny but mighty and can weaken a structure to the point of dilapidation.

Termite swarmers come alive in early spring, right about now, and are composed of the reproductive and strongest termites. The swarming season plays a critical part of the life cycle of termites.

When you see a swarm of termites, you will be in awe of the force of nature.” says Darren Riccio, owner of Accurate Pest Control. “I witnessed a swarm actually explode out of a foundation crack in a customer’s basement. There were literally thousands of them! It went on for what seemed like forever.”

Why do termites swarm in the spring?

Spring is the time when the temperatures start to reach 70 degrees and the combination of sun and rain create the perfect environment for them to leave the current mature colony in search of opening a new colony.

The swarm itself does not cause damage but over time, the newly created colony will.

How do I know if it is swarming termites and not swarming carpenter ants?

It is in the wings!

Termite swarmers have wings that are the same size. Carpenter ant swarmers do not. Termite swarmers shed their wings prior to mating and then move on to the new colony. We have seen literally piles of discarded wings on windowsills and outside homes indicating the presence of these termites.

These wings are the ah-ha moment that you should heed regarding termite infestation. If you are not sure if they are swarming termites or swarming carpenter ants, call us here at Accurate Pest Controls for a quick inspection and evaluation.

What do I do if I have termites? How to I return my home to become a safe and healthy structure?

No one wants to hear they have termites and more importantly, no one wants to hear the process that needs to happen to eradicate them from their home and property. In most cases, the termites have been living and destroying your structures for months.

Treatment for termites requires more than a spray and the placing of baits. Knowledge and understanding of termites, their habitat and life cycle is critical to treating and ultimately removing termites from the structure.

Please do not take a chance. Many customers think the bugs they see on the ground in or around the garage and foundation are maggots. Common mistake!

Call us or contact us for a free home inspection. We will get the situation under control and have your home or business structure safe, healthy, and termite free.

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