Spring is awakening our spring and summer visitors.

April 21, 2020

It is hard to believe it is spring in Upstate New York. We have been bouncing between 25 degrees and 62 degrees for a few weeks and that confuses nature. Spring awakens the hibernating wildlife and dormant insects and pests.

Where are these insects coming from?

We advise our customers to not be alarmed when they see an influx of these invaders inside, outside, or both as it is normal each year in the spring. These insects and pests are emerging from hibernation getting ready to leave their temporary home or structure for the season. They too long for the outdoors and warmer weather. Here are the most common springtime insects and pests:

Asian ladybugs/ladybugs

Ladybugs have been asleep in your home for months entering through small cracks. They group together to keep warm and emerge as the better weather beckons. When threatened, they can secrete a yellow liquid that may stain light-colored surfaces.

Stink bugs

Few flying pests create that creepy feeling like stink bugs. Stink bugs love windows, screens, and doorways. They can squeeze through the smallest spots and are as quick as lightning when a window or door is open. Barrier prevention combined with making sure your home is sealed properly are the best methods of keeping stink bugs out of your home.


Boxelder bugs are active in the spring and love the warm weather. In many cases, these bugs have been dormant inside your home and are itching to get out and lay their eggs. While in your home, they are harmless, but their fecal matter can stain walls and fabrics. They are usually not interested in your indoor plants.

Gathering of Boxelder Bugs (Boisea trivittata) on a spring day in Illinois.

Cluster flies

Often called attic flies, cluster flies are 7-9 mm in length and light/dark gray. They are larger than houseflies yet nowhere near as quick. They look to come inside to escape the cool fall and cold winter days and come alive when the temperatures rise.

close up cluster fly

How do I prevent and treat for these springtime insects and pests?

Prevention is the key. A maintenance plan with Accurate Pest Control insures consistent treatment as well as a regular inspection of your property by a trained professional technician. We do not just temporarily fix the problem. A complete clean up can be performed including any structural destruction to soffits, gutters, siding, roofing as well as interior damage to the insulation and dry wall. We can repair and treat damage from pests and nuisance wildlife.

While insecticides will effectively treat and destroy insects, dead insects inside your home have functioned as a food source for rodents and other insects. A well-rounded approach of prevention and cleanup is best for long term success.

Contact us for information on annual maintenance agreements and keep your home, or business, healthy and pest free!

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