Our Work

Pest Control

We provide pest control services throughout the Capital Region. The gallery reflects the types of services we provide for pest control. These services may consist of pest control for termites, bed bugs, roaches, wasps, honeybees, mice, and more. You may see different treatment methods and our trained staff handling the pests.
commercial pest control


Wildlife can be a problem for both residential and commercial customers. The gallery will provide images of our trained staff handling various types of wildlife and the exclusion work performed to prevent furth wildlife access. This can include the seal up of openings the wildlife uses to access a structure. Cleanouts are often required to sanitize and remove the droppings and nesting debris. Often it is simply handling an animal found within a house that can be removed by hand.


We offer mold remediation, ranging from attic mold and basement mold remediation, including vapor barrier. We also perform moisture corrections and mechanical corrections to eliminate mold regrowth. Please view our before and after pictures of the many jobs we have completed.

Restoration Projects

Most people are unaware of the significant damage pests and wildlife can cause to a home or commercial property. We offer clean-out and construction services for problems such as removing damaged ceiling tiles damaged sheetrock, removing soiled insulation, and replacing with new foundation work and rebuilding rooms.