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Accurate Pest Control provides 24/7 Emergency Response Services in the Capital Region and Surrounding Counties.

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Nuisance Wildlife Services

Accurate Pest Control provides 24/7 Emergency Response Services in the Capital District and surrounding counties. We offer same day service and free inspections.

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Bats are mammals, and they are the only mammals that are capable of truly sustained flight. Bats can carry diseases, including rabies, which can be deadly. Their droppings, called guano, contain a fungus that causes Histoplasmosis. Our technicians are trained to eradicate unwanted bats from your structure in a humane way. We perform emergency live bat removals, drop off captured bats to labs to be tested for rabies, clean up the bat guano (droppings), and disinfect the area.

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Our services deal with various ranges of birds such as woodpeckers, pigeons, and sparrows. Whether your needs are for a residential or commercial property, we do it all. Services include but are not limited to emergency response animal removal, roof trapping, ground trapping, dropping clean up and disinfection, and exclusion services from AccuShield.

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Despite how tiny and cute chipmunks are, chipmunks can enter your home through the most limited access and can cause damage to the basement, attic, roofline, insulation, flooring, and walls. They are aggressive with digging up landscaping, sidewalks, porches, and bulbs. There are few cases of chipmunks causing structural damage.

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The groundhog, also known as a woodchuck, is a member of the rodent family. Unlike their friends, the skunk and opossum, Groundhogs may be aggressive and blessed with huge incisors, are prone to bite dogs when threatened.


These marsupials are nocturnal and spend the nights in search of food. They spend the daylight hours in burrows. Like the skunk, they are relatively peaceful, but when they are afraid, lookout. They may growl, hiss, and perhaps bite. If cornered, they faint and play dead. This is involuntary and can last for 40 minutes up to 4 hours. They can be moved without response. They are natural food scavengers and eat almost anything from mice and bugs to roadkill.

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Raccoons are known for being rabies carriers and a host to leptospirosis, salmonella, and roundworm. Raccoons enter a structure via openings where sections of the roof meet, and structural damage or poor construction provide a welcoming door to a warm home. These garage visitors may be caught inside accidentally when the garage door is open, and they enter in search of food or shelter. For many of our commercial clients, the raccoons have entered through ventilation systems and rooftop air conditioners. Please be mindful- a cornered animal can be aggressive and dangerous.

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Skunks are the most non-aggressive animal you will ever come across. Yes, they have that terrible habit of releasing a horrible smell, but it happens because they are frightened. They love the nightlife but tend to be out and around in the daytime, often looking for food for their young. They feed on bugs and agricultural pests as well as field mice and rats.

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Grey Squirrels/Flying Squirrels/Red Squirrels

Like the flying squirrel and gray squirrels previously discussed, red squirrels also live among us and can cause damage to your home or business structures. Red Squirrels are unprotected in the State of New York. We come across some red squirrel cases but not nearly as often as flying or grey squirrels. They are the hardest of all three to eradicate and are as destructive or even more destructive than grey squirrels. Traveling through the house via cable and wiring housing can cause power and utility outages.

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Wildlife can be beautiful, but not when it destroys your home and property. Our entire organization, including office personnel, are Certified NYS Nuisance Wildlife Control Officers. We go to great lengths to protect rescued or injured wildlife working in conjunction with wildlife rehabilitation specialists for necessary and suitable care.

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Animal Removal Services

We specialize in 24/7 emergency response for nuisance wildlife found inside or outside your property. All technicians are trained to remove unwanted nuisance wildlife and provide recommendations for further eradication or exclusion work to remove them permanently.

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Wildlife nesting, debris, and feces removal

If you have had a rodent/wildlife issue in the past, then there is a high possibility they left nesting debris or droppings in their harborage area. We offer services to remove the debris and sanitize and disinfect these areas and possibly even more if needed. Call for a free inspection.

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Custom and standard chimney caps

Some nuisance wildlife use exposed chimneys to access the structure or use it as a nesting place. Whether you want a cap installed as a cautionary measure or installed after wildlife eradication has taken place, give us a call to provide a free inspection.