New Year’s Resolutions? Include Pest Control!

December 17, 2021

Did you just say, “include pest control?” Yes, we did! Pest control as a New Year’s Resolution is important considering most Americans list 3-5 resolutions regarding their health. Pest control never makes a single list. It doesn’t even make the top fifty resolutions.

Why pest control as a New Year’s Resolution?

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Keeping our homes, families, and office environments safe and healthy does rank high on the list of importance and, conversely, on the resolutions list. We spent time and money on safe cleaning products, air filtering systems, and environmentally sound plastic items. But what about the dangers and health risks of exposure to disease and respiratory problems from pests and nuisance wildlife?

Making a New Year’s Resolution to take action and keep your home and family safe starts with a good foundation, including pest control services.

What are the health dangers caused by pests and nuisance wildlife?

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In addition to causing property damage, pests pose a direct health risk. Pests contaminant surfaces in our kitchens and baths and spread disease when they urinate, drop fecal matter and shed fur or skin around your home. 

  • Compromised and contaminated pantry foods
  • Respiratory issues can occur from decal matter, droppings, and dead animals in or near your HVAC system.
  • Disease and infections from yard pests such and mosquitos. West Nile virusis the most common virus spread by mosquitoes in the continental United States. However, people can also get sick from less common viruses spread by mosquitoes, like Eastern equine encephalitis or  Louis encephalitis.
  • The three most common types of ticks found in New York State are the deer (black-legged) tick, the American dog tick, and the lone star tick. Only deer ticks can carry the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. However, they can also carry the germs that cause babesiosis and human granulocytic anaplasmosis.
  • Cockroaches and mice expose humans to salmonella and E. coli. Rodents also carry salmonella on their bodies, leaving a trail of contamination on every surface.
  • Bats guano is toxic to humans. Guano accumulations allow microorganisms such as histoplasmosis (lung disease) to grow and fester. The infection can spread thru inhalation into the lungs from the roosts present in your walls, attic, barn, or crawlspaces. Large amounts of guano that accumulate can fall in between walls and ceilings. It will be visible to the homeowner.
  • Ants will cause damage if left untreated. In addition, an ant infestation creates an unsanitary environment for you and your family. Ants are found in our yards and garages and sometimes in our kitchens, bathrooms, and living space. Some are just a nuisance that can be treated easily; others can cause structural damage and require clean-up and construction services post eradication.

What can I do to keep my home and family safe and healthy?

It is effortless: be diligent and aware. We certainly do not want our customers nervous, but more aware and not afraid to call if they are unsure if they have an infestation. Many customers utilize our annual agreements and rest easy knowing their home and family are covered and cared for. Please speak to a team member to learn more about yearly agreements and their coverage.

Exclusion services provide a permanent solution to rid nuisance wildlife from entering your home or structure. The process will close off entry points for unwanted pests and wildlife. As a result, your home will be pest-free and your family safe and healthy in conjunction with regularly scheduled treatments. 

Add pest control services to your healthy New Year’s resolution list. Call us at 518-374-0357 to learn more about annual agreements and tailor the one that works best for you and your family.

 About Accurate Pest Control

Pest Control Services near meEstablished in 2004, Accurate Pest Control is a fully licensed and insured family-owned and operated business. Our New York State licenses include mold remediation, pest control, and nuisance wildlife services. Our team of service technicians and office staff are NYS certified. We know each other and trust each other and, in turn, trust our technicians with you, your home or business, family, and even pets. We service the capital district and surrounding areas not limited to Albany County, Columbia County, Fulton County, Green County, Montgomery County, Rensselaer County, Saratoga County, Schenectady County, Warren County, Washington County


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