Mortar or Mason Bees- do they really drill into the brick mortar?

April 25, 2019

Spring in the northeast is magical. Flowers are blooming and the grass is finally green. Homeowners are outside, cleaning up from the ravages of winter and are starting to notice some activity around the house.

At Accurate Pest Control we are working 24/7 to keep your family and pets safe from the insects and wildlife that are also noticing it is spring.

Last week we talked about carpenter bees and the damage that can occur to your home and other wooded structures. This week we are spotlighting their brethren, the mortar bee or often called the mason bee, and yes, they do indeed drill into the mortar!

What is a mason bee and how do they cause damage to my home?

Mortar bees, also called mason bees, are in the family of non-aggressive insects that play a role in nature with spring pollination. Mason bees create breeding nests by drilling holes in brick masonry. Mason bees are solitary yet communal. Each bee’s nest is independent of the other’s nests. Interestingly, it is very common to find several nests existing peacefully in proximity of each other.

Mason bees have enlarged rear legs, perfect for removing mortar from joints of brickwork whereby creating a nest. Over time, this nesting may cause structural damage and should not be left untreated. The tunnels and holes can allow water to enter the structure causing significant structural damage.

Long term control of mason bees is critical to avoid future damage to your home or business structure culminating in unnecessary expense to treat and repair.

What is a weep hole and why do the mason bees love it?

Mason bees love, love, love the weep holes found around windows and doors. Weep holes are very common on brick homes to help keep moisture from rotting the structure. The perfect bee home is created by builders who use tubing in these weep holes! The bees search out and easily find a home in such tubing and quickly nest in it.

Do mason bees sting?

Mortar bees are not aggressive. They can sting but not often, nor can they can pierce the skin. They are basically harmless and can be more of a nuisance than anything else.

How do I get rid of mason bees?

Bees are very common in and around our homes and play an integral part in pollination for the floral beauty we enjoy, and the food grown by our local farmers. Mason bees are good pollinators, however, they must be managed and treated to avoid costly structural damage.

It is best to call us and have a trained technician come out to view and inspect your property. Together we can discuss and decide on a treatment and course of action. Treatment for mortar or mason bees is most effective when insecticidal control is repeated annually. Accurate Pest Control offers many package options for annual treatments that may be combined with other services such as carpenter ants, termites, ticks. Pricing plans vary and can be tailor-made for each customer.

The pest control programs from Accurate Pest Control can ensure long-term management of mason bees, protecting and preventing your home and garden from damaging attacks.

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