Maintaining pest control services during the pandemic

December 10, 2020

The unprecedented times we live in are impacting small businesses at an alarming rate. Our commercial customers are experiencing significant downturns in revenue, and in some cases, they are (temporarily) closed either from financial hardship or due to the impact of COVID.

Pests and wildlife do not sleep during a pandemic.

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Business center closed due to COVID-19. Stores, restaurants, offices, other public places temporarily closed during the pandemic.

In fact, in the absence of human activity, coupled with left-behind food and unattended access to kitchens, pests and wildlife, are getting more aggressive. In the northeast, winter is here, and the cold temperatures drive them indoors, looking for shelter and food.

Customers have complained about damage to windows, soffits, and garage doors where wildlife and rodents have chewed their way inside. Once inside, they scour for food, and anything not in an airtight container is open game.

Customers looking for relief suspend or cancel their service agreements.

Over these past six to nine months, we have found that retail and food customers felt that they were closed, so the pest control problems were at bay. Unfortunately, that is not the case. We fully understand your position, but before you cancel, please call us and let’s see if there is something we can do to keep your business safe and healthy. We want you to succeed and return to the way you welcomed, loved, and served your customers.

Your business is pest-free because you use a service.

It isn’t luck that has kept your restaurant kitchen rodent and roach free or your warehouse absent of all wildlife and birds. It has been your dedication and commitment to yourself, your employees, and your customers.

We, too, are dedicated to you and have been here with you these past nine months sanitizing, disinfecting, and treating your business space. Let us help you through this. Call our office at 518-374-0357 and talk to our staff about payment options and how we can help you through this time.

We are so thankful for our customers who have been there for us over the decades, donated to our favorite charities, and provided references and recommendations to help us grow our business.

Now it is our turn to help you.

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Please call, and let’s work together to keep you and your business pest free and healthy.

Warmest regards and best to you and your families,

Darren Riccio, Owner and Founder of Accurate Pest Control and Nuisance Wildlife.

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