Keeping your lake house or vacation home pest free

July 18, 2022

One of our customers called us after renting a lake house out of state. As a long-time customer, he knows what it takes to keep a home pest free, especially in wooded and ‘wet’ areas. Keeping your lake house or vacation home pest free does not have to be overwhelming or expensive.

Take a walk around your vacation home.

Yes, it is that simple! In a previous post, we discussed a checklist for closing your lake house or summer home. Closing your home can be much easier if you follow these guidelines all summer. The people at earthkind offer these tips:

  • Put your garden to bed. Run the tiller through your vegetable garden and add fertilizer, compost, or even some fall rye to attract deer and add minerals and nutrients.
  • Put your yard to rest. Mow your lawn and either rake up the leaves for compost or mulch them and leave them on the grass. Apply natural fall fertilizer or lime. Trim branches that may serve as rodent bridges into the cottage. Keep all wood piles off the ground and at least 30 feet from the cottage to help keep rodents at bay.
  • Secure your shed. Remove any debris that might attract rodents. Make sure all windows are tightly closed, and there are no gaps in the doors or windows.
  • Inspect the roof. Replace any missing or broken shingles. Check the caulking around the chimney flashing (don’t use foam caulking; it won’t stop critters). Install or inspect wire mesh screens over chimney or attic vents.
  • Check the dryer vent. It’s the most common portal by which rats and mice might enter. Make sure it’s fully caulked (but not with foam) and has a wire mesh screen.

Monitoring and maintaining these entry points and hot spots keep your home, allowing you to enjoy the time and making the fall closing process much more straightforward.

Pest control tips when renting your vacation home.

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Like many vacation homeowners, you may rent your summer home to happy families and vacationers. You might manage the process yourself or use a service such as VRBO or Airbnb. You will not be there to inspect the property if you hire a service. Here are some tips you may find helpful:

  • Mice and small animals are a natural occurrence at a lake or vacation homes. Exterior bait stations are wonderful at catching mice and rodents before they get into or under the house.
  • If your home is under trees or deeper in the woods, exterior sprays and treatments for ants, bees, and termites are beneficial. Annual or seasonal agreements ensure your home is inspected regularly.
  • Inspect the house’s exterior for any cracks or holes in the foundation, siding, or windows where mice or rats can crawl in. Remove any overhanging tree limbs, as they may allow raccoons, roof rats, and squirrels to take up residence in the attic insulation, damaging rafters and ceilings with their droppings and gnawing.
  • Be clean! Renters may not be as diligent as you are about cleaning up after late-night snacking on the deck, around the fire, or in a bedroom. Vacuum completely and wipe all areas thoroughly to remove any sticky spills.
  • Store garbage cans away from the house and make frequent trips to the dump or arrange for weekly garbage pickup.
  • RIDGE-GUARD® is the ultimate ridge vent protection patented by the US Patent and Trademark office. Installing RIDGE-GUARD® on your roof ridge vent locks the vent down securely, preventing bats from crawling under the plastic or fiber roof ridge vent and keeping squirrels, mice, or rats from chewing their way into the attic.
  • Remove standing water and keep firewood off the deck and away from the house.

What about structural damage incurred by pests and nuisance wildlife?

We don’t just temporarily fix the problem. A complete clean-up can be performed, including external structural damage to soffits, gutters, siding, roofing, and interior damage to the insulation and drywall. We can repair, treat damage, and reconstruct the areas damaged by nuisance wildlife and pests. We offer a free inspection of your home or business. All projects are quoted in advance, including materials and turnaround times for completion.

Pest control diligence doesn’t stop in the winter.

At Accurate Pest Control, we can help treat your summer or vacation home so you return to a clean and pest-free environment after the renters have gone back to their homes. Our technicians service the Capital District and many of our beautiful Adirondack lakes, such as Saratoga Lake, Lake George, and the Great Sacandaga Lake. Contact us for more information.

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