Keeping your garage free from pests and nuisance wildlife.

October 2, 2019

In just a few months winter will be here. As humans, we prepare for the winter months by storing our summer patio furniture, stocking wood for the fireplace, and closing up windows and doors.

Pests and nuisance wildlife are doing the same thing!

As the temperatures drop and the season changes, mother nature is reminding pests and nuisance wildlife to look for shelter, store food, and prepare for the winter months. Your garage, while not warm and cozy for you, is a perfect place for pests and nuisance wildlife.

Here are some basic precautions you can take while preparing for winter:

  • Keep your garage door closed. As simple as this sounds, it creates the barrier needed to keep birds, squirrels, bats, chipmunks, cluster flies, bees, and mice out of your garage and possibly into your home.
  • Check the bottom of the garage door weather stripping. Is it old, worn, torn, or missing? Replace it. It is not costly and will save you from infestation in the long run.
  • Windows and other doors should be checked to ensure the seals are tight and there are no gaps in the framing where pests and nuisance wildlife might gain entry.
  • Birdseed, suet, and other foods for your domestic pets or wildlife should be stored in sealed containers. And by the way, keep those bird feeders away from your home and foundation. Yes, you may have to trek through snow to refill them, but it will keep squirrels and chipmunks away from your home.
  • Never store wood in your garage. It is a hotel and haven for bugs, carpenter ants and other pests. Keep stacked firewood away from your home.

Start with a clean slate.

Once you have gone through this process yourself, you may find you need some assistance with treatment or barrier protection.

Exclusion Services from AccuShield

Protect your home or business with AccuShield. The experts at Accurate Pest Control will evaluate the structure and locate areas where pests and nuisance wildlife can gain entry. A complete evaluation is performed and reviewed with the homeowner or business owner and a course of action is determined.

We don’t just temporarily fix the problem. A complete clean up can be performed including external structural damage to soffits, gutters, siding, roofing as well as interior damage to the insulation and dry wall. We can repair and treat damage from nuisance wildlife and pests.

Many of our clients participate in our annual treatment program ensuring that consistent treatments occur throughout the year. We don’t forget your garage, you shouldn’t either.

Contact us for an inspection of your garage in addition to your home. There is no charge for the initial inspection and it just might make the different between a restful winter and a winter riddled with the scratching sounds of mice, squirrels, and other visitors.

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