It’s that time of year and stink bugs are back!

September 26, 2019

What exactly is a stink bug?

Just the thought makes you quiver! The brown marmorated stink bug is an insect in the Pentatomidae family. It is a fairly young inhabitant of the U.S. arriving here in the late 1990’s. It did not take long to spread from its home state of Pennsylvania to establishing residency in over 40 states.

With their shield-like shape and marbled brown color and measuring less than an inch in length (generally about 14-17 millimeters), these bugs are easy to identify. Perhaps their most recognizable trait is the skunk-like smell they emit when disturbed. They also tend to congregate in large numbers and can lay up to five generations in one year if the temperature is warm enough.

Read more about stink bugs from our post in October 2018.

How do I keep stink bugs out of my home?

Stink bugs love windows, screens, and doorways. They can squeeze through the smallest spots and are as quick as lightning when a window or door is open. Barrier prevention combined with making sure your home is sealed properly are the best methods of keeping stink bugs out of your home. Diligence is the key:

  • Remove plants and standing yard debris such as heavy weeds from around your home this time of year.
  • Make sure crawl spaces are sealed.
  • Install screen windows and doors and regularly check for tears in the screens.
  • Seal your windows using caulk when necessary.
  • Install weather strips on every outside access door.
  • Check pipes, roof pipes, dryer vents and other access points for cracks or gaps in the closure.

Stink bugs can gain entry into your home through some very small and tight places. They only need a slight space in a window screen or door to get in. This time of year, stink bugs are looking for warm areas to stay.

Do stink bugs bite or harm people?

Stink bugs do not bite, nor are they a threat to people and pets. They do cause damage to crops such as corn and soy as well as feasting on our favorite seasonal fruits such as blackberries, apples, and peaches.

How do I get rid of stink bugs?

When you have done your best to eliminate access point entry, it may be time for a call to Accurate Pest Control. We recently received a call from a homeowner in Niskayuna, NY troubled by the sudden increase in stink bugs.

Stink bugs had begun to gather on the back side of the home, especially near the sliding glass door and deck windows. She called us for treatment.

With exterior spraying and an inspection of the entry points she mentioned, we treated for the stink bugs and have eliminated stink bugs, at least in the interim, from her home.

Don’t fear the stink bug!

We can help. If you are not utilizing our annual service agreement, ask us how you can get rid of stink bugs, ants, and other pests and nuisance wildlife.


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