Ice & Snow Allow Create an Entry for Pests to Enter Your Home

January 12, 2022

Ice and snow are part of living in the Northeast. While the falling snow is beautiful, it can damage your home’s structure allowing pests to search for warmth and food. Prevention and preparedness happen in the fall as we see signs of winter ahead.

Heavy snow on the roof

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Accumulating snow can be heavy and cause damage to gutters and siding. Structural damage can also occur, creating the risk of leaking into attics and ceilings. You may overlook an issue with pests now, but once the thaw begins in late March and early April, softened wood frames and wet insulation can be a breeding ground for pests and mold. Mice only need an entry point the size of a quarter to enter. Droppings can present a health risk. A roof rake is a good investment for all homeowners.

Remove ice and snow from gutters allowing water flow

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A frozen rain gutter downpipe. Ice inside the downspout, downpipe of a roof gutter near the house foundation causing damage to the gutters and roofing construction.

Winterizing your home should occur in the fall, sometime after Labor Day. Clogged gutters may create an environment for bugs, mice, and birds to create a home in the fall. As the temperatures begin to fall, the water will turn to ice, and snowmelt will mound on existing ice to form a type of snowbank on your roof. Often called Ice Dams, the icy water backs up under the roofline and freezes. The blockage can dislodge gutters, molding, soffits, and even windows. When the snow and ice melt, the running water enters your home through the damaged façade causing damage, mold, and an entry point for rodents.

Keep your garage door free of ice and snow

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It is easier for rodents and other wildlife to get into your garage and then into your home than directly trying to get inside your home. An open garage door is a welcome sign to critters and pests that a warm and sheltered place awaits them. Snow and ice can prevent your garage door from closing. Always shovel snow away from the door, even after the snowplow removes the heavy snow. The remaining snow will melt in the sun and freeze at night, creating that little gap. Be mindful of your garage door and all the windows and doors of your home.

It’s what you don’t see …

Public Enemy #1 in the winter is reserved for mice. Our office team receives numerous calls for mice in the attic, garage, sheds, and pool houses each day. Mice are often heard but rarely seen. Mousetraps are effective, but significant steps will need to be taken should an infestation occur. Our technicians ensure that the area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after the mice are caught and removed. Unfortunately, illness, disease, and viruses will remain long after that little mouse is gone. Do not attempt to address an infestation. Never vacuum mouse droppings or infested materials. Always wear gloves and properly dispose of the cleanup in an outdoor garbage receptacle. Call us for assistance.

Sign up for seasonal or annual maintenance agreements

Something is comforting about knowing you and your family are protected when enjoying time in or around your home. Most people would agree that a pest-free environment is preferable, mainly if any allergies exist, such as a bee allergy. The value of pest control maintenance agreements is in that comfort and knowledge. We do interior and exterior agreements during summer. Winter is interior, but if a customer has bait stations outside, we will service those during the winter.

Seasonal coverage will be customized per customer based on coverage needed for ants, bees, flies, etc. The coverage runs May-September, and we come out every other month to do exterior sprays. Interior is done as needed, and they are warrantied in-between services for the covered pest. Emergency calls that are after hours or weekends would be additional. Seasonal coverage protects you until December 31 of the year signed. Once October comes around, exterior treatments are performed as needed.

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