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Do you just work with residential clients and if not, what can you offer me as a property owner and small business?
Accurate Pest Control provides a wide range of services to residential clients as well as commercial clients. As our business has grown, we have developed service plans and contracts with hospitals, manufacturing sites, warehouses, and developers.

Do you have plans that can cover multiple services bundled together such as ants and rodents?
Absolutely! Should a new problem arise for an existing client, we can bundle the additional services into a competitive and customized package.

We have some damage on our roof and chimney from nuisance wildlife, can you help with the repairs after treatment?
Absolutely! Our team of restoration technicians can do anything from chimney reconstruction to repairing drywall and painting. We can provide a detailed estimate upon request.

Do you offer green/organic pest control solutions?
Yes, we can provide the use of organic solutions for many treatments. Click here to learn more about each product:

If you treat the inside of my home, are the solutions used child and pet friendly?
We make it our mission to create a safe environment for your kids/pets when dealing with pests. Depending on what we are treating and applying will determine the steps to take to treat around children and pets. Your technician will review this with you prior to starting the process.

Are you licensed?
Yes, Accurate Pest Control is a NYS registered pest control company and our technicians are licensed. Our New York State licenses include mold remediation, pest control, and nuisance wildlife services.

Are you insured?
Yes, New York State requires a registered pest control company to be fully insured.

Is Accurate Pest Control a locally owned business or owned by a larger corporation? What makes our company different from the rest?
Accurate Pest Control is a fully licensed and insured family owned and operated business. The team has a combined depth of experience totaling over 60 years and recently welcomed the second generation into the organization. We treat each and every customer as a priority.

We have trained and developed our technicians and send them into your home or business with confidence as if they were treating our own friends and families.

Can I request the same technician?
Yes, if you prefer the same technician or if you would like a specific technician all you have to do is make a request and we will make it happen!

Do you offer payment options?
We can offer payment plans depending on the type of service and the costs associated with the service. We do our best to accommodate our customers.