Exclusion and barrier protection from pests and nuisance wildlife.

September 18, 2019

Throughout the year, we use our website blogs to help educate our customers about the pests and nuisance wildlife that live in and around their homes. Most are harmless to people; some can be a bit more dangerous.

It is that time of year!

The nights are getting cooler and the sun is setting earlier. These are signals for pests and nuisance wildlife to begin to look for shelter for the winter. Bats, cluster flies, and squirrels, just to name a few.

How are pests and nuisance wildlife getting into my home?

In most cases when responding to a call about ants, squirrels, bats, flies, or other pests and wildlife, we will find the source of entry.

On a recent blog post on cockroaches, we discussed entry point concerns:

Entry points and hiding places? Don’t give them an opportunity to enter.

  • Make sure windows and doors are snugly fit and close properly.
  • Look for entry points where appliances plug in.
  • Use caulk to fill any gaps around the bathtub and sink.
  • Check drains and disposals for evidence of roaches.
  • Eliminate water sources- fix any leaky pipes.
  • Eliminate yard debris and keep firewood outside and far away from the home.

When our technicians come to inspect and treat a home or business for pests and nuisance wildlife, we focus on discussing treatment plans, structural repairs, and exclusion services.

Exclusion Services from AccuShield

Protect your home or business with AccuShield. The experts at Accurate Pest Control will evaluate the structure and locate areas where pests and nuisance wildlife can gain entry. A complete evaluation is performed and reviewed with the homeowner or business owner and a course of action is determined.

What about structural damage already incurred?

At Accurate Pest Control, we don’t just temporarily fix the problem. A complete clean up can be performed including external structural damage to soffits, gutters, siding, roofing as well as interior damage to the insulation and dry wall. We can repair and treat damage from nuisance wildlife and pests.

  • Free inspection of your home or business. All projects quoted in advance.
  • AccuShield seals all entry points using no pesticides or chemicals.
  • Specialized technicians perform all aspects of the AccuShield process including site inspection, clean up from pest and nuisance wildlife damage, construction of the AccuShield system and finishing work. To stop common entry and hiding points, we use ridge vents, powervents, skylights, corner guards and Kritter caps.

Truck with a lift

Just a simple hole in the foundation?

A homeowner in Schenectady, NY called regarding an unusual hole in her foundation close to the front stairs of her home. Upon inspection we found a large number of chipmunks living under the stairs, preparing for winter, and significantly compromising her foundation, staircase, and structural support. We began treatment to remove the chipmunks and once treatments were finished we repaired the masonry and closed the source of entry for the wildlife.

Sound familiar? Contact us and let us take a look and provide a free inspection of the area. No problem is too big or too small. The seasons are changing so be prepared for winter with Accurate Pest Control and AccuShield Services.


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