Do you need pest control in the winter?

January 7, 2020

The holidays are over, and you have begun the task of putting away your holiday decorations. Perhaps you have made a trip or two into the attic and you have noticed a little bit of a musty smell.

Upon further inspection you see a roof leak and below it, signs of an infestation of pests and nuisance wildlife:

  • Torn and damaged insulation
  • Droppings
  • Bedding for newborn wildlife
  • Chewed through dry walls and ceilings

Now is the time to seek help from a professional for the removal of these pests and nuisance wildlife. Repairing the damages caused and creating a barrier to stop further entry.

What you don’t see can hurt you.

That homeowner was lucky they had gone into the attic when they did. They did experience a lighting issue as the squirrels chewed the wires. Left unattended, this could have been a serious issue.

If you have not been into your attic, crawl space or basement storage area, might we suggest that you do so? Not sure if you want to do it yourself or if you are unable, we can help. We offer free inspections so just reach out and we will schedule a time to come to your home or business.

Mice and spiders, cluster flies, and ants.

Many of these pests lay dormant or conceal themselves in your storage areas until the warm weather wakes them up and they look for food and water within your home. An inspection with possible treatment now in these winter months can save time, damages, and treatment in the spring.

Prevent. Prevent. Prevent.

  • Attic treatments- inspection and treatments in attic may include removal of spider webs, application and treatment for bugs and pests. Traps for catching nuisance wildlife.
  • Waterproof basements- ask us how we can treat your basement, dry it out and apply methods to waterproof the basement. Dry basements prevent pests and keep your home safe.
  • Interior treatments– Check for leaks and other sources of water damage. Keep garbage in sealed bins and never on the garage floor. Store food in airtight containers. Keep the kitchen and eating areas free from spills and other kitchen messes. Inspect, replace or repair worn weather strips and torn screens.
  • Exterior treatments- with snow on the ground, some methods are not available, but signs of entry and damage can be found, and treatments can be scheduled once the snow is gone and the temperatures rise.

Don’t think everyone has gone away for the winter!

Prepare and protect your home during these winter months. We will come out to inspect your home at no charge and work with you to insure when the sunshine of spring warms your home, your family will be safe and healthy and free from pests and nuisance wildlife.

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