Do sudden warm winter temperatures affect pests?

January 14, 2020

The bugs think it’s spring!

Yes, sudden, unexpected warm weather can affect common household pests, and some nuisance wildlife. In a large section of the northeast this past weekend, some cities experienced temperatures between 65-75 degrees. This warm gift to humans, confuses the balance of nature.

Winter is often times viewed as a needed part of the natural cycle. With discussions of global warming, temperatures are milder, and snowfalls have decreased. We are finding many pests such as ticks, bees, stink bugs, lady bugs, and boxelders are finding shelter and food in these warmer temperatures.

We bet you thought you wouldn’t see a stink bug for a while!

This past weekend we were inundated with calls for pests. The warm temperatures awakened pests both dormant inside and outside of homes and businesses.

  • One particular customer suffers with stink bugs and cannot wait for the colder months. We spoke to her this weekend as she found multiple stink bugs in her kitchen alone. (From the sliding glass door being open.)
  • Cluster flies became active sensing the warmth outside. They appeared in homes after leaving their attic winter home looking to get outdoors.
  • Lady bugs are appearing especially in areas of the home where the sun warms those rooms.

Hibernation of these pests is interrupted, and we find them out and about. These insects normally return to their hibernation hideouts or they die before the true warm temperatures of Spring arrive.

Now that the temperatures have returned to freezing.

The fun is over and the bees, ticks, stink bugs, and other assorted pests that have enjoyed this warm spell are looking once again to hibernate and lay low. They are seeking a safe haven in your home. It is very important to protect your home and family and seek professional help.

The technicians at Accurate Pest Control will pay you a visit and inspect your home for signs of pest infestation, and areas where they may be entering your home. Don’t be sad, those warm temperatures will return once again, and nature should be back in balance.


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