Did you bring a stow-away home from vacation?

February 12, 2020

How did I get bedbugs? They are hitchhikers!

We are asked this question a lot! Our customers call and are embarrassed that they have bedbugs. Please rest assured, often times, a bedbug, or two, have stowed away from a vacation, or have wiggled their way from a neighboring apartment or condo. They are not caused from lack of hygiene and your family pet is not believed to be a factor in their arrival.

Here are some facts and tips about bedbugs:

  • It is common to get bedbugs while traveling on planes, even trains and buses.
  • We recommend that you leave luggage off the floor and either on tables or in bathrooms.
  • You really should always search the mattress and furniture throughout your hotel room. Look for signs of bedbugs such as skins, fecal stains, clusters of bedbugs on the linens or in the bed. We advocate for mattress and box spring covers that are bedbug proof specially if you travel a lot. Note: We have these covers for sale. They are bedbug proof, dust proof, water proof, and fire retardant.
  • After traveling leave your luggage in the garage or on a porch and bring in one load of laundry at a time and wash everything immediately. You can also wipe down your luggage before bringing it indoors.

One caveat, these tips are not meant to insinuate that all hotels or forms of travel are unclean or infested with bedbugs.

I looked but I did not see any bedbugs.

Bedbugs hide during the day on beds, mattress seams, box springs, bed frames, and headboards and in cracks and crevices of walls, floors, and furniture. Bedbugs come out at night. They do not fly or jump, but they can crawl swiftly. Bedbugs can travel between rooms in multi-unit buildings, such as apartment complexes and hotels. Bed bug infestation can be rapid and while you may find them in one bedroom/mattress, they travel via outlets, woodworking, and wallpaper. They are extremely adept and industrious!

streaks of bedbugs on a white bedroom wall

What does a bedbug bite look like?

A bedbug bite appears as a welt, surfacing from the bug engorging on the victim’s blood. The bites can be mistaken for flea bites or mosquito bites. Bedbugs bite anywhere skin is exposed while the person is sleeping. The itching can be intense.

How do I get rid of bedbugs?

At Accurate Pest Control we begin with a full inspection confirming the infestation of bedbugs and the scope of their activity. We do this to rule out a misreported flea or tick infestation (we can take care of that too!). We provide prep sheets that must be followed prior to the arrival of our technicians. While time consuming on both our end and the customer, it ensures success in the removal and treatment of the bedbugs. As the population grows the bedbugs will spread throughout the home and if it is in an apartment, it could spread to other units.

We will remove the bedbugs, offer suggestions, aid in cleaning the space and deliver follow up services as required. We want you to be safe and healthy and return you and your family to a peaceful and restful sleep.

If you think you may have bedbugs, contact us for a free inspection. We can help.

Resources: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/bedbugs/symptoms-causes/syc-20370001 and https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/guide/bedbugs-infestation#1


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