Cockroaches: exterminate them or adopt one?

January 16, 2019


Just the mention of the word cockroach makes people shiver or sweat. It conjures up images of quick and crawling bugs that appear to be hard shelled and indestructible. Cockroaches have transcended millions of years without extinction and continue to put fear in the lives of many homeowners and business owners.

Yet, there is always a sunny side. The Bronx Zoo’s Name a Roach program is back.

Roaches are forever at least, that’s what the Bronx Zoo says. The zoo’s Name-A-Roach program is back again, promising a Valentine to remember, forever.

Whether done with sincerity or with snark, the naming of the four-inch-long Madagascar hissing cockroach is a unique gift. For $15, you can name it anything you want, and you’ll get a certificate saying that you’ve paid good money to do so. If you pay $75, you’ll even get a Roach Broach pin, roach socks and a box of artisan chocolates. Who wouldn’t like that? Read more..

From our perspective, our customers do not want to think of a cockroach in any way other than eradicated. Cockroaches are one of those bugs that fit through the smallest of spaces because they can flatten their very flexible exoskeletons and contract their legs allowing them to easily slip in under a door or exceedingly small gap in your home?s exterior. We said cockroaches are fast. Look out Olympic runners! Cockroaches can run the equivalent of a human at 200 mph.

While roaches thrive amongst soiled areas and food improperly contained, they leave behind excrement and diseases. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology tells us, Cockroach droppings can not only trigger allergies but can trigger and bother asthma. Since cockroaches require food and moisture to survive, you can help reduce exposure by getting rid of sources of each.

Cockroaches have roamed the earth for literally millions of years. The challenge in removing them is their extreme adaptability and resiliency. When treating a home for cockroaches or infestation, we inspect the structure both inside and out and seal all cracks and holes including entry points for utilities, pipes, and vents. In addition, we inspect basements and crawl spaces and review with the homeowner suggestions to keep these areas dry and ventilated as roaches love the dampness.

If you see one, there are probably more. Contact us immediately and we will come out and inspect your home or business and review with you a plan of action to eliminate cockroaches now and in the future.

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