Cluster Flies, Conifer Beetles (Stink Bugs) and Lady Bugs

October 8, 2018

We receive numerous calls each day asking if these three types of bugs are harmful and damaging. Cluster flies and stink bugs? Maybe. But lady bugs. Really?

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are usually found inside homes and are larger than a regular house fly. They are inside your home to hibernate in clusters, hence the name. they are not known to damage property or people, but they sometimes leave spots on the walls.

Conifer Beetles (Stink Bugs)

The calls we receive on these are mostly from homeowner annoyance. These bugs can appear in large groups and can enter a home via the smallest crack or gap. These bugs are very invasive and have been known to cause damage to fruit and vegetable crops.

It is called a stink bug because when threatened it will emit a smell when handled, squished. The defense is like a skunk.

Lady Bugs

We all know what a lady bug is and what it looks like. Cute, and often the subject of children’s books and Halloween costumes. But lady bugs can be destructive and can appear in large numbers searching for a hibernation spot. Once again, when threatened, they can secrete a yellow liquid that may stain light-colored surfaces.

Exclusion methods to exterior structure to limit entry points.

We all know we don’t want any bugs or pests in our home yet are we aware of how to ensure entry is limited. Look around your home and search for ripped screens, doors that do not tightly close, or gaps in your foundation when it meets your siding or trim.

Preventative treatment

The best action is prevention. Don’t wait until you find damage or signs of infestation. Annual maintenance is cost-effective and can save you money, time, and resources.

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