A tiny mouse can cause big damage.

January 29, 2020

Images of cute little mice flood the internet as mascots for various products and services. Yet, a tiny little mouse can cause very big damage in your home. From spreading illness to damaging wires, sheet rock, and attic insulation, mice are not pets and properly trapping and removing them is critical.

House damage caused by mice.

A house mouse weighs about 0.69 ounces, or between .5 and one ounce. They are small, under 6 inches or so, and can fit through the tiniest of holes. It is amazing that these little bodies cause such big damage:

  • Contaminate your food with droppings and urine. They are food foragers and will gnaw their way into food containers and boxes.
  • Mice spread disease: Hantavirus and Salmonellosis.
  • They chew through wiring insulation and can short out electricity to fridges and freezers stored in a garage or basement. It could cause a fire.
  • Nesting in insulation creates an unhealthy environment of droppings and disease.
  • Mice can create access points for other rodents and nuisance wildlife by chewing through a small access point making way to enter your attic or basement.
  • Dead mice in your attic, basement or within the walls can emit a terrible odor and can attract flies and possibly roaches.

mouse chewing wire

Isn’t trapping a mouse a simple process?

If you watch television and follow some of the home shows, you may see the homeowner with the contractor placing mouse traps in or around the home. Looks pretty simple, right? You bait, trap, and remove. Not so fast.

Just like most treatments for pest control, you need to start at the beginning and find the source. How did the mice get in? Where are they hiding during the day?

At Accurate Pest Control we focus on both removing the mice and shutting off their access points to your home.

  • Follow the trail. Are there droppings evident in the area you heard the mice?
  • Inspect the exterior for access points and perhaps place exterior baits.
  • Need better access to place traps? How about a hatch?
  • Targeted traps are set and inspected weekly .
image of a drop hatch door in a ceiling

Domestic loft hatch

A trained technician will inspect your home and set the necessary traps and baits. Should repair work be needed to clean up feces and droppings, a team will perform any needed repairs. The refurbishes may include dry wall repair, insulation removal and replacement, and electrical work.

Contact us for a free inspection. Don’t worry, mice and other nuisance wildlife can be eliminated without damaging your home and disrupting your family. We are sure of it.

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