6 tips to keep stink bugs out of your home

August 26, 2020

We love the fall here in the Capital District. At Accurate Pest Control, our activities and services change with the seasons. As the weather turns cooler and the seasons begin to shift, pests and wildlife look to come indoors. Yes, that means the stink bugs have come back.

Stink bugs have returned to our backyards, decks, and homes. We have begun to receive calls from homeowners that stink bugs, often called brown shield bugs, are bombarding their afternoon activities, and evening BBQ dinners.

What are stinks bugs and what do they look like?

Stink bugs get their name from the very unpleasant odor they release when they are threatened or crushed. It may be a defense mechanism to ward off predators but to homeowners, it is a nasty side effect of swatting them.

These pesky creatures appear as both oval-shaped, and shield-shaped and appear as a grayish-brown color. Stink bugs have 6 legs, an antennae, and can be ¾” in length. Stink bugs do not bite, yet their mouths are used for piercing and sucking the moisture and food from leaves, plants, and gardens.

Stink bug extermination in Schenectady NY

mottled shield bug in closeup, a common stink bug that will try to hibernate in your home at winter

6 simple checks to keep stink bugs out of your home

Stink bugs love windows, screens, and doorways. They can squeeze through the smallest spots and are as quick as lightning when a window or door is open. Barrier prevention combined with making sure your home is sealed properly is the best method of keeping stink bugs out of your home. Diligence is the key:

  1. Remove plants and standing yard debris such as heavy weeds from around your home this time of year.
  2. Make sure crawl spaces are sealed.
  3. Install screen windows and doors and regularly check for tears in the screens.
  4. Seal your windows using caulk when necessary.
  5. Install weather strips on every outside access door.
  6. Check pipes, roof pipes, dryer vents, and other access points for cracks or gaps in the closure.

Stink bugs can gain entry into your home through some very small and tight places. They only need a slight space in a window screen or door to get in. This time of year, stink bugs are looking for warm areas to stay.

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Stink bug on a window glass surface in sunlight

What to do about a stink bug infestation

Stink bugs are a nuisance pest and treatment is available. Please contact us to schedule an inspection and options for extermination and treatment.

If you are not utilizing our annual service agreement, ask us how you can get rid of stink bugs, ants, and other pests and nuisance wildlife.

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